SINCE 2015

Nature is our biggest inspiration -
we provide products to support your overall wellbeing. 

We founded NordicNordic in 2015 with the vision of bringing

the unique bounty of Finnish nature to everyone around the world.


We know our mission is grand but we never forget our roots. It's quite the opposite, the further from Finland we are, the more we appreciate the purity of Finnish nature. In the beginning, as it still is, the nature is our biggest inspiration.

 We are not just a company selling superfoods and cosmetics ,

we also offer innovative ways of life around your pure nutrition and beauty.

Our ideology of overall well-being is supported by joy, 100% honesty and integrity to our customers but also nature.


We work closely with our customers - both individuals as well as retailers. 

Our end products are made with a patented production method that contains all the health benefits of the ingredients.

We can always ensure that our products are highest quality superfoods and eco cosmetics!

If you are interested in real simple pure nutrition and its effect to your overall health, we are the right place for you.

We always encourage you to give us feedback and suggestions.

Our customer care department is happy to answer questions about Finnish nutrition,

our products and of course - health benefits.


NordicNordic Health and Beauty is here now for you, we hope you get inspired! 

Nina & Reeta


Nina's Story

Often big life changes happen through tragedy - at least for me. I lived in Asia for years in the early 2000's and suffered through a bacterial infection that was treated with multiple different antibiotics. This led me to get worse and worse over time and in the end, I was no longer able to work. Western medicine had run out of ways to heal me so I started seeing

a functional medicine practitioner. 

I found out that the multitudes of antibiotics had caused my body to be unbalanced and to have deficiencies. We started to prepare the damage with

vitamins and major changes in my nutrition. 

Finnish berries were a central part of my nutrition from the beginning and I then found chaga to help as well in bringing my body back to balance. What happened to me obviously had a larger impact and meaning - I have been able to gather the needed knowledge and tools through my own experiences to help and support others in healing.

This is how NordicNordic was born - We want to make Finnish nature's bounty available to all!

I stand proudly today surrounded by the small berries and chaga mushrooms because my health and overall wellbeing means more to me than any amount of money can measure! 

I hope that you are inspired by my story and get to experience the same overall wellbeing supported by the bounty from the purest environment in the world.

We are all worth experiencing true wellbeing! 


Our NordicNordic Family

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