Lingonberries contain a high concentration of Vitamin E. The berries are a great source of fiber, manganese and a variety of polyphenols. Lingonberries also contain lignan, resveratrol and proanthocyanidins. 

Helps with heart and cardiovascular disease
Helps with prevention of obesity and diabetes. 
Reduces inflammation
Reduces effects of AGEs (advanced glycation end-products)
Increases red blood cell and liver enzymes needed for antioxidant protection.
Improves skin elasticity
Restores skin moisture levels
Skin brightening
Helps slowdown signs of aging
Helps protect skin from outside pollutants and UV rays

All our berries are grown in the wild and handpicked from one of the purest natures in the world in arctic Northern Finland. The freshly picked wild berries are dehydrated in around 100 degree Fahrenheit (37*C) temperature. This allows the highest quantity of the nutrients to be reserved. 

The dried berries are then ground to the most optimal consistency so the maximum amount of oils and bio-active ingredients can be digested.   

Our larger containers of berry powder each contain over 7000 whole berries (seeds and flesh included).