Our organic and natural products are 100% real superfoods from Finland, the purest nature in the world (ranked by the Environmental Performance Index). Our ingredients are handpicked from the most remote areas in arctic Lapland in Finland. Our patented processing method preserves the health benefits and no fillers or additives of any kind are added during our low temperature dehydration process. 



We know you'll love our products but if at any time during the first 14 days you're unsatisfied, you may return it for store credit (less shipping charges).

If the product has not been used or opened, you can receive a full refund

(less shipping charges). Read more in our FAQ section. 


Our organic products are suitable for all lifestyles and diets; vegan, raw food, paleo, keto, low carb, gluten free, and many more.

The pure superfoods deliver a wide variety of powerful nutrients, including vitamins, fiber and essential fatty acids, and antioxidants such as resveratrol, flavonoids and polyphenols. Free of any heavy metals, toxins, additives, or fillers.

Be The Healthiest You

Each of our products has its own unique health benefits for any age. Everyone from pregnant mothers, babies, active adults to the elderly can benefit from our natural pure products. Take a look in our shop for detailed health benefits of each ingredient. 

Start Your Journey Now

Our customers constantly give us feedback on how quickly they experience the benefits of our products, some within one use in the case of instant chaga and others within days or weeks of incorporating our berry and chaga products in their diets. Our secret for making sure you receive the highest quality of product, is to always keep our standards high, collect our products from the purest environment, and laboratory test each batch. 

Is your life hectic and stressful?

Berries and chaga are the best nutrition for a stressed body. Start your morning with berries and enjoy a cup of chaga during the day. Both will balance your hormone levels, blood sugar, and cortisol levels. Take a look at our special bundles for more info.

Are you trying to change your lifestyle?

Start your journey with blackcurrant or bilberry, both take care of your gut health, which will support other nutrients being absorbed as well. You can effortlessly add a tablespoon of berries to almost any of your meals to start the day.  

Do you want to improve the appearance of your skin and hair?

Beautiful skin starts from inside! Berries, especially sea buckthorn and blackcurrant, have a high level of omega fatty acids to support skin and hair health. Chaga is becoming more popular in the cosmetics industry but works best internally in its simplest form!

Do you have a chronic illness?

Did you know berries are the most nutrient rich food in the world? There's no better nutrition for your body when managing chronic illnesses than pure Finnish superfoods! Any of the berries or chaga can support your wellness and recovery, check out our bundles for more ideas. 

Do you just need a little health and energy boost?


Our dual extracted instant chaga provides the needed energy boost for anyone. Just remember; a little goes a long way when using it. A pinch is all you need!

Need to cure your gut? 

All our products support gut health but we also have a special bundle for you. Make sure to check it out and remember, your health start in your gut!



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