Lingonberries contain a high concentration of Vitamin E. The berries are a great source of fiber, manganese and a variety of polyphenols. Lingonberries also contain lignan, resveratrol and proanthocyanidins. 

Lingonberry has been found to do the following:

  • Helps with heart and cardiovascular disease and prevention of obesity and diabetes. 

  • Reduces inflammation -  Can lower inflammatory molecules, block oxidants from destroying tissue, and also help the body replace important antioxidants, like glutathione, which is a master antioxidant in our body.

  • Protects antioxidants - Lingonberry has also been shown to increase red blood cell and liver enzymes needed for antioxidant protection. We need antioxidants to protect vessels and nerve tissue, and also to help decrease the damage from inflammation. 

  • Reduces effects of AGEs - Lingonberry has been shown to reduce the effect of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs). AGEs are the byproduct of sugars and heated protein molecules in the body that accumulate in patients with high blood sugar. These AGEs contribute to the damage in a diabetic’s vessels. This damage is a major contributor to kidney disease, eye disease and circulation problems that can lead to skin sores and amputation. 

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