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Finnish Chaga, Covid-19, and Covid Post Syndrome

I was listening to Dr. Mark Hyman's Instagram IGTV this past weekend. The topic was Post-Covid Syndrome or treatment of Long Hauler. Dr. Mark Hyman interviewed Dr. Patrick Hanaway who shared that people who have on Post-Covid syndrome / Long Hauler Covid -19 likely have underlying reasons why their body reacts to the COVID 19 virus this way and they are not recovering the same way as others.

These people who are having Post Covid Syndrome, they have other underlying issues going on.

- Dr. Patrick Hanaway

What I find interesting is that the mentioned symptoms of Covid Post Syndrome are the same as what I dealt with when recovering from Ecoli and antibiotic problems. That's where our NordicNordic story started - total exhaustion and the need to find a natural way to recover.

If you have an account on Instagram, you can access to interview here.

Dr. Hanaway mentions mitochondria issues in both Post Covid Syndrome and CFS treatments, which I fully agree with. By using nutrition and products that are pure and not processed you are giving your body all that nature has to offer and things can improve and sometimes even correct themselves. When there is an issue within the cell mitochondria, only using synthetic medicine cannot heal you fully.

Medicinal Mushrooms and Vitamin C

What made me extremely happy to hear during the interview was that both doctors recommend medicinal mushrooms! Out of the options, Finnish chaga is undoubtedly strongest and even better - it comes from the purest nature in the world!

If you are trying to remove harmful toxins from your body, the purity of the ingredient, processing method, and lack of synthetic additives are critical factors. With these factors, the health benefits of a product can be enhanced or destroyed, depending on the process.

We are happy to share that we have restocked our supply of dual extracted instant chaga - the most effective and purest option out there! This product for me is a total game changer- the patented unique processing method preserves all the health benefits of chaga without any additives. 1kg of Instant Chaga has 6kg of regular chaga powder. It's super concentrated so you only need a pinch!

I also want to mention how easy our chaga is to use. Add a pinch of instant chaga to warm but not boiling cup of water, mix, and it's ready! Our small, light bag can go anywhere with you! Instant chaga gives you a quick energy boost that you feel right away. We don't recommend you taking it past 6 p.m. to ensure your melatonin production is not disturbed. Instant chaga is best enjoyed with your morning coffee or in place of it and maybe add another cup in the afternoon. If the taste by itself is too strong, add some honey or another natural sweetener, and I recommend a fresh squeeze of lemon!

I remember waking up one morning after adding Finnish chaga to my diet thinking that I was no longer in a fog and I was able to think clearly again. Intuitively, even before starting with chaga, I had added a lot of Vitamin C rich foods to my diet; oranges, lemons, seabuckthorn powder, and blackcurrant powder. Vitamin C and chaga together form a powerhouse that helps dealing with different types of exhaustion - Dr. Patrick Hanaway also mentioned this during the interview.

My recovery seemed fast but at times slow. Overall, my recovery took about 2 years. I still notice that I have to double my berry powder and chaga intake when dealing with a lot of stress. When our bodies are going through stuff, our need for healthy nutrition multiplies. Thankfully, using Finnish superfoods is super easy!

As summer approaches, I recommend these Instant chaga popsicles. I make them with: coconut water, pinch of Instant Chaga, and organic lemon wedges. It's refreshing, energizing, and best of all, helps keep my electrolytes in balance.

We are offering our Instant Chaga for a Limited Edition -discount until the end of April. Use INSTANT at checkout to receive 15% off.

One container of Instant Chaga is enough for over 50 cups. This means 1 cup costs only about $0.75!

Health is Beauty. Beauty is Health.


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