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Summer Heat!

Do you hate cooking in the summer as much as I do? I have a very old house and the stove and oven make my kitchen unbearable. If it was up to my kids, we would live on popsicles and nice cream from May to September :) Also, staying hydrated is a struggle, it is soooo much easier to grab an icy popsicle from the freezer than constantly drinking something. I hate my family using any plastic bottles so I use glass pitchers to make drinks for the day and they carry around reusable containers everywhere.

As Nina and I plan recipes, we try to keep our theme for 2017 in mind, #eatsupercolors. We also always strive for simplicity and ease and because our products are easy to add to things and modify depending on the time of the year, the recipes give you needed nutrients year round. 

I believe that summer is meant to be spend outdoors and not in the kitchen. To make your summer cooking even easier, we put together some new recipes with a twist with our favorite products. The newest member of our team, Karoliina (who we'll introduce to you in coming weeks), didn't just bring with her marketing know how but also a dose of innovation when it comes to using our products. I tested her favorite drink, bilberry shrub, this weekend and it was fantastic. 

As a busy mom of three kids, I worry each day if I'm feeding my kids the right nutrition to support their development. As I mentioned, popsicles and nice cream are a summer go-to for us and even the neighbor kids know to come over for "Finnish ice-cream". That's why I want to make sure their treats are super healthy. 

Coconut Bilberry Chia Nicecream for 6

Bilberry chia

2 tbsp Chia seeds

1 c almond milk 

1/2 c coconut yogurt

1 tbsp NordicNordic bilberry powder 

Soak overnight.

Nice Cream

1 1/2 c coconut yogurt

2 tbsp coconut syrup

1-2 probiotic capsule

Hint almond milk

Mix ingredients, add probiotic capsule and blend again. Fill molds with both mixes with 1/3 being bilberry chia. 

Nina loves using chaga in the summer, especially as iced tea and in iced coffee drinks. She was sharing with me that this summer her go-to has been iced instant chaga chocolate coffee. She says it's perfect for keeping hydrated and staying alert in the heat. Adding a tiny pinch of instant chaga in water helps but her recipe is such a yummy option and works even as a dessert!

Iced Chaga Chocolate Coffee

Chaga Chocolate Coffee for 2 

2 cups organic Arabica coffee 2 tbsp Raw cocoa powder 1/4 tsp NordicNordic Instant Chaga 2 tbsp Coconut syrup

Hint almond milk and ice. Top with oat whipped cream and melted raw chocolate

Our newest team member, Karoliina, likes to use our berry powders in drinks. She's been making a Bilberry Shrub each morning to start the day with the apple cider vinegar, lemon and bilberry combo. It's keeps well refrigerated and is great with organic apple juice or even organic sparkling wine. 

Bilberry Shrub

Bilberry Shrub

1 cup coconut or raw cane sugar

1 cup apple cider or clear vinegar

1/2 organic lemon juice and peel 

2 tbsp NordicNordic bilberry

Add all ingredients in pan and heat up. Wash the lemons with warm water, cut them. Grate the peel and squeeze the juice. Add in the pan and bring to boil. Pour in a glass bottle and let it cool before refrigerating. It keeps for about a week in the cold. 

Mix it with any organic juice, sparkling water or anything else bubbly. . 

I tried the shrub as well and absolutely loved it! According to our #eatsupercolors theme, we'll be highlighting the color red next. Stay tuned for an updated recipe for lingonberry shrub with organic strawberries and pomegranate. 

I hope you get some new summer ideas on how to use Finnish superfoods from our recipes - easy, convenient and everything you need daily with awesome flavors!!!

With health,


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