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Why NordicNordic

When my sister and I started to think about what we wanted to name our company, we wanted to make sure it was something that people could relate to and hopefully remember. Not an easy task! 

We though about the products we offer and how we could highlight the organic origins and the health benefits the products offer. It became an almost impossible task to sum that all up in a few words. We didn't think "Organic products from the purest woods in the world" would be an appropriate company name ;) 

So, we decided to take a different route. How do we have a simple name that people can remember that will allow us to add more products in our product family at a later date. We did not want to be boxed in with picking a name that only represented the products we currently have. We wanted to also plan for the future. 

We came up with NordicNordic on one summer day and we have loved the name since! Not many realize that Finland is actually a Nordic country and not a Scandinavian country like our border neighbors Norway and Sweden. Being proud Finns, we thought the name to be a fitting representation of not just us but also our products. 

We have enjoyed our journey with you so far and our name has served us well. Look for more updates about our company, products and designs and make sure to sign up for our newsletter

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