• Pure lingonberry with no additives, food color or preservatives - pure, raw, vegan, paleo.

  • The one 3.2 oz. container contains over 7000 whole hand-picked super berries from the pure forests of Finland with the seeds and flesh included. That's 300 berries/tablespoon, your daily serving!

  • High in Vitamin E

  • Great source of Fiber, manganese and variety of polyphenola 



  • This bundle is the perfect and most economical option for anyone looking to buy lingonberry in bulk! Whether you are sharing it with a friend, have a larger family, or just like to order a few months supply at a time, this bundle is the way to go! 

    Our tangy dehydrated lingonberry powder can be mixed in with many foods and drinks. It is very similar to the taste of cranberries and the dehydrated ground berry retains the highest levels of antioxidants.

    There's almost a month's worth of servings in the one 3.2 oz. container - you only need a tablespoon per day!

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